Harbord Bakery

& Calandria Harbord Bakery


115 Harbord St.

Open Mon-Thu 8am-7pm

Fri-Sat 8am-6pm

Sun 8am-4pm

Making and Baking good things since 1945

Over the years, I’ve changed banks; I’ve changed grocery stores; I’ve played the field a bit when it comes to cheese; I am utterly faithless when it comes to fishmongers. But so far as the Harbord bakery goes, it looks like it’s going to be until death do us part. Recently, my wife, our two children and I were talking about what part of Toronto we’d like to live in. As it happens about once in a blue moon, everyone agreed with me. We are already where we want to be-and, among our reasons, the Harbord bakery kept coming up. Our son loves to cut through the alley on a summer night and, through the open door, see and hear and smell the bakers at work.

David Macfarlane,Toronto Life

The customers range from professors to hip kids with esoteric haircuts…It’s like a memory of home, a warm spot of permanence. You come back after years and years and the [Sweet Hala, chocolate layer cake, beygls, rye bread] are still the same.

Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star

Lest you think Harbord bakery is merely a bakery, one visit reveals it to be much more. What was once a small bakeshop has turned into a unique shopping destination where old tradition meets new gourmet. All the old world favorites remain unchanged. All the old world favorites remain unchanged: Sweet eggy Hallah, crusty bagels, chewy rye loves, crunchy mandelbrot (Jewish biscotti), decadent rugelach, custardy apple-cake, not-too-sweet honey cake, light-as-a-feather meringues, and mouth-watering sweet cheese buns are just some of the treats lining the shelves since day one.

Elise Burton ~ Jewelsoffood.com, 24 Hours

With every new visit, new delicacies…

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Our Story

Harbord Bakery has been in business since 1929. The Kosower family has been running the show since 1945.  We’ve won awards and have been lucky to cater many a simkha and birthday. We’ve also become a community gathering space, and a seasonal and daily meeting place. And now we’re online !


Please don’t forget that there’s a lineup on Friday afternoon, at certain times of day and during holidays.  Our apologies, hala orders can not, at this time be made online.